Where We Have Been

Where We Have Been
Where We Have Been

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oh, how sweet it is!

Well I got back to the boat last week and how sweet it is. Tonight I am sitting on the flybridge while typing this. We just watched a beautiful sunset and I am sitting here listening to Pandora (Internet music) enjoying the evening wondering why everyone doesn't do this (but happy they don't). You can tell it is summer. The moorings around us are empty. We do not have another boat within 500 feet of us. This is one reason we enjoy living on a mooring verses being in a marina. At a marina there would be another boat literally 4 feet away from us and the AC would be running 24/7. Being on a mooring means the boat always points into the wind which results  in a much cooler boat.

Los Angeles has beautiful weather and the pacific ocean but that is all it has. I am so glad to be back in the Keys. I rested about 3 days and then started doing some engine maintenance. I am changing all the cooling hoses, water pump, transmission hoses, and a variety of other odd jobs. Hopefully I will be done in the next couple of days.

I like how there are little clouds in front of the bigger clouds.

As you can see the harbor is pretty empty.

A beautiful evening from the flybridge.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Oh How Times Have Changed or Have They

I think back how things have changed so much since I was a kid and at the same time I think things have not changed as much as we thought they would. Since work is slow (actually dead) right now I have a lot of idle time on my hands, (that's dangerous I know) I watched a Back to the Future movie marathon the other day. All three movies back to back. The funny thing is that in the last movie they went into the future to October of 2015. The movie was made in like 1985 so their idea of 2015 is that everyone would have flying cars and all kinds on neat stuff like a hoover skateboard, Your food replicator would make a pizza out of some little pill or something. Well in reality 2015 does not look too different than 1985 for the most part. Styles of cars have changed but they are still basically the same as they were then. They are of much better quality now, but still roll around on four rubber tires propelled by an internal combustion engine and people still don't use their turn signals.

Other things have changed. I was reminded of this today when I got a new cell phone. I have been wanting a Samsung Note 4 for along time. I had an S3 which is a good phone but the Note 4 is much bigger and for my eyesight that is a very good thing. So I went to Best Buy to look for the phone. They had it on sale. Yea. The problem was how long it took just to get the phone and have them change all my data over to the new phone. And the paper work. I got Sharon one as well so I had to sign the paper work for both phones. I signed four paper documents and four electronic signatures and I was there a  total of about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I have bought cars in less time and with less paper work.

I got my first cell phone in I think about 1992 and it was a bag phone and cost about the same as a phone today. I think this is where the biggest changes have taken place. Phones, computers, and the like. Other than these things and the price of ANYTHING, not much has changed for me since 1985. I still use a stove and microwave to cook with. I drive a car that is a 1950s retro design (HHR). I still have the same wife, although she has changed (we won't talk about that). We live on a boat that was built in 1978, the year after I graduated from high school. I still drink Dr. Pepper, although now it's diet Dr. Pepper. I can not think of a single food that I eat now that was not available then, other than broccoli. Did they have broccoli back then?

Well as I think of it I guess the biggest change is in oneself. As I get older I am definitely changing. The hair on top of my head is going on strike but that's ok nose hair, ear hair, and back hair are taking up the slack. God does have a sense of humor although sometimes I don't think He's funny.  I do know some of my attitudes toward life and other people have changed and my patience with idiots has definitely changed. It has not increased by the way.

Oh well I think this is the longest post I have made in at least three years so it is time to stop rambling on.

My new Note 4 next to the S3. Can you say bigger?

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Maybe I am not as old and set in my ways as I though. For many years I had thought that there has not been any good music written since about 1977. But then once in awhile I find something that I do like that is not Lynard Synard, ZZ Top, Grand Funk, The Egales, REO Speedwagon, or such. Awhile back I posted a video by David Grey who I thought was quite good. I just found this one by Adel. I have never heard of her but that is probably because I have not listened to the radio in a couple of decades. Too many DJs who don't know when to shut up for my taste. Other people have obviously heard of her, the video has 34 million views. Like always I am a day late and a dollar short. Althogh in this economy I think I am now $20 short.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Well with not much to do here I decided to go to Avalon on Catalina Island last Sunday. It was a really good time. I took the first ferry which left at 9 am and arrived in Avalon at 10:15. I stayed until the last ferry of the day left which was 6:45 pm. Catalina is only 22 miles off the coast and many people visit it every year. It is a nice place and has more golf carts than cars. I rented a bicycle for the day and enjoyed looking around. It is very touristy but was still well worth going.


Plenty of empty moorings here.

Beautiful, I love it.

Such a beautiful island.


Another ferry bringing more tourists.

I wouldn't want to buy much gas here.

Avalon dingy dock.

Dingy dock and harbor.

You can rent almost anything here.

Small downtown beach.

One of the ferries on its way to Avalon.

Back to the mainland just before dark.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Still in LA working and wishing I was back home on the boat with my wonderful wife.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Project

I am still working in LA, but work has slowed down which means I am getting bored. I can handle bored when I am at home on the boat. In fact my favorite thing to do in life is to be bored sitting on the bow or the flybridge. I don't like being bored 2,700 miles from home, so it is time for a project or two.

We have been wanting a watermaker for a long time. A watermaker changes sea water into drinking water. I had some plans with a parts list saved on my computer so I started hunting for the parts on the internet. It was surprisingly time consuming to find all the parts that I need and at the best price of course, but time I have. I ordered everything I need except for the few small pieces that I know I can get locally once I am back on the boat.

A new off the shelf Spectra brand or equivalent unit would cost $7K and up. I did find one company that basically
sold a kit for $4.5 K. Still way too much. It looks like I will end up with about $1,500 in the one I am building. Once I get back and start building it I will post how it is constructed and how well it works.

I have been also working on plans for a solar water heater and a solar cabin heater. We would love to reduce our dependence on electricity and propane. More to come on that later.

Watermaker design by Leo Litchfield.

The above design is the one I am using to build our watermaker with a few small modifications.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Working, Working, Working

I have not posted for awhile as I have been working in California for the last couple of months, but hopefully I will be back on the boat soon. After a little bit of maintinence we will be off cruising again. Mean while I dug up a few pics from days gone by.